Does your business need...

  • a digital marketing strategy and plan to drive greater sales results?
  • real-time visibility into critical marketing performance data?
  • access to a team of specialists, including UX/UI and web developers, creative designers, content producers and more?
  • support in hiring and/or training of an in-house marketing resource?
  • someone to manage third party agencies and vendors?

Our VMM’s can provide all of this for a fraction of the cost of an in-house Marketing Manager.

Our jam

Each of our Virtual Marketing Managers bring their unique specialisation and experience to the table. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Digital Marketing Strategy

A forward-looking approach to full funnel planning, with the fundamental goal of converting prospects into customers.

Digital Campaign Calendars

Our campaign calendars capture all activities and ensure you never miss an important date in your marketing strategy.

Digital and Social Ad Strategies

We are experts at developing successful ad strategies across platforms - audiences, A/B testing, retargeting....we get it!

Email Marketing and Automation

Our marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Content Marketing Strategy

From videos to blogs, we guide you on what to create, how and ensure it delivers on the core objectives.

Marketing Recruitment and Training

We help you to develop the role and find the right person to fit. Once they are onboard, we provide training and support.

Marketing Integrations and Technology

We use Martech to simplify processes and measure the impact of marketing activities, driving more efficient spending.

UX/UI Design and Website Development

We curate designs and build websites which consistently represent businesses in an efficient and scalable way.

Data Integration and Dashboards

We have our own digital  platform for building powerful real-time business dashboards for your team and your clients.

And the best part?

Our VMM service eliminates traditional outsourcing pitfalls. We work with your business and internal marketing resource/s to reach your objectives. When you're ready to bring it all in-house, the processes and skills for day-to-day execution are all set up for you.

The possibilities are endless

Whether you need our VMMs to provide ongoing strategic direction or guidance on a specific project, we can help you.