Case Studies

Case Study

Thinking of hiring a digital agency? Consider this first

Does your business need to develop a digital strategy, to amplify your brand and deliver on aggressive sales targets? Read about how these organisations have accelerated their results by partnering with a Virtual Marketing Manager. 

Case Study

Why these businesses chose a VMM, NOT an in-house Marketing Manager

Are you looking to hire a Marketing Manager to elevate your brand presence and grow your sales? Read about how these businesses have reaped success by partnering with a Virtual Marketing Manager rather than an in-house Marketing Manager.

Case Study

RD VIS x ask Marketing Case Study

How we transformed the brand and user experience for a global 3D visualisation and property marketing company, RD VIS.

Case Study

CobbleWorks x ask Marketing Case Study

Our website development project & digital marketing strategy to launch Sydney’s newest boutique co-working space, increased website traffic by 700% via direct and paid social advertising and filled the space from 0% to 95% occupancy within 6 months.

Case Study

The Parlour Room x ask Marketing Case Study

ask Virtual Marketing Manager partnership exponentially outperforms targets for established beauty client - crushing email targets by 76%, AOV by 18% and total sales by 120%.

Case Study

KURO x ask Marketing Case Study

Our 6-month digital marketing project with a fine dining hospitality client outperforms lead generation target by 300% and delivers a 16% website conversion rate.

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