The Story of The Nudge Group:

The Nudge Group is a disruptive force within the recruitment industry, offering a holistic people partner model. Founded in 2019, by now CEO, Steve Grace, The Nudge Group has been uniquely designed to support start-ups, scale-ups and accelerated growth businesses, connecting them with world class talent from start-up to unicorn. With an established team of experienced and passionate recruiters around the world, The Nudge Group finds exceptional talent aligned with a company's culture and values, both locally and on a global scale. 

The Opportunity:

After 2 years of rapid organic growth and evolution in the recruitment space, as well as the recent onboarding of a senior Content Marketer into the internal team, it was the prime opportunity for The Nudge Group to switch the rapid-fire ‘on’ button. They needed their digital presence to reflect the true value of the business, as well as double-down to support future growth and business expansion. 

They were looking to lay solid foundations first and foremost, with a complete Digital Strategy, as well as undergo a website re-development project, one which effectively reflected their unique, vibrant & leading-edge brand within the market. 

Why TNG chose Ask Marketing:‍

The Ask Marketing team have developed a strong professional partnership with Steve Grace (CEO and Founder of The Nudge Group) over recent years. This meant that the Ask Marketing team was able to deeply understand and watch the growth and evolution of TNG business and its unique service offering. 

With the recent onboarding of TNG’s first internal marketer, the Head of Content, but a marketing strategy not yet in place, it was a case of ‘now is the time!’. Diving into a digital strategy development and new website project, ensured the critical foundations were laid for the new internal marketer to hit the ground running in the daily management and execution of the recommended digital marketing activities successfully. 

The End to End Digital Transformation We Delivered:

1. Strategic Digital Marketing Workshop

  • An intensive workshop, diving deep into Brand Marketing alignment and Tactical Digital Marketing opportunities 
  • Alignment of newly finessed brand marketing elements, developed by the new internal marketer, Head of Content 
  • Discovery of the upcoming business focus areas and the role of digital marketing required to achieve these
  • Clear understanding of the working relationship between sales and marketing

2. Development of Digital Marketing Strategy 

  • Overarching digital marketing strategy objectives - both qualitative and quantitative goals to keep the marketing function accountable in achieving the greater business goals
  • Finalised customer personas, based on the business growth priorities  
  • Overarching content strategy - including recommendations of a ‘Big Rock’ content piece to be leveraged as a Lead Magnet on the website 
  • Complete user funnel with hierarchy of digital conversion points
  • Comprehensive executional guidelines for each digital marketing tactic at every stage of the funnel; top (TOF), middle (MOF) and bottom (BOF). 
  • An ongoing marketing activity summary for simple allocation of required marketing resources, leveraging both TNG’s internal Head of Content, and partner expert executional agencies. 
  • Digital marketing master reporting template - to act as the one source of truth for all digital marketing performance across channels and tactics. 

3. Project Management of new Website Development

Based on TNG’s evolution in the market, alongside its continued business growth and marketing objectives, the development of a brand new, stand out website to match was only fitting.  

  • Alignment of critical brand marketing elements from workshop and digital marketing tactics & hierarchy of conversion points from the strategy formed the overarching website pillars & objectives 
  • Partnered with our go-to specialist network to complete this project, including UX/UI designer, Dan Shepherd and Web Development partner, Cornerstone Digital 
  • Developed and managed an 8 week sprint plan to go-live date, including:
  • 4 weeks of UX/UI design phase, alongside 4 weeks of content strategy & development - executed by internal Head of Content
  • 4 weeks of web development phase including integrations, tracking & testing 

4. Martech Support

Based on the digital marketing strategy, the critical martech integrations required to execute the strategy were implemented across the website and greater marketing function. Including: 

  • Google Analytics and new conversion goal tracking 
  • CRM integration for newsletter sign ups and lead enquiries 
  • Calendar integrations for users to book consults 
  • Youtube channel & podcast platform embeds 
  • Job platform integration for showcasing all open job opportunities, job applications & talent enquiries on site

The Result:

The qualitative goals now being achieved: 
  • Increased Brand Awareness within the local and global markets 
  • Optimising critical digital marketing resources, systems, processes and tools to drive business growth via top and middle of the funnel
  • Communicating core business messaging and values, through cut-through, knowledge-based thought leadership content across all digital marketing channels
The quantitative goals now being achieved:
  • 250% increase in monthly traffic to site
  • 100% increase in monthly conversion metrics on site, including new digital conversion points being:
  • Book a Consult submissions
  • Contact Us form submissions 
  • Lead Magnet downloads 
  • Newsletter subscriptions 
  • YouTube channel subscriptions 
  • Job applications
  • Increase in average monthly enquiry > activation (aka. the marketing qualified lead > sales qualified lead nurture process)

The Nudge Group is now starting the roll out of strategic digital marketing tactics across targeted social media channels, email marketing & website activities to drive a full-funnel customer-centric digital brand experience to achieve continued global business growth.   

Thoughts from The Nudge Group Founder & CEO, Steve Grace

"Having worked with Ask Marketing in the early stages of the business, it made sense to go back to them for our next long term strategy and digital transformation. The business had grown globally and we needed to update our strategic digital thinking to match. 

Working with our internal marketing team (who we did not have on board previously) they developed a strategy that would enable the success of our new long and short term goals, that our new marketing team could then execute. At the same time we heavily invested in a new upgraded website, and integrating with the required Martech tools, which they not only project managed but also introduced us to the UX/UI and development teams we ultimately went with, creating a seamless experience.

As usual, the results have far exceeded my expectations and were achieved with minimal pain but rather incredible levels of detail and advice. I have no doubt this will take us to the next level of business when we will again, be going back to Ask Marketing for our next phase. I cannot imagine The Nudge Group without them."

Steve Grace - Founder & CEO, The Nudge Group

Thoughts from The Nudge Group's internal marketing resource, Hao Nguyen

"I couldn't have asked for a better digital marketing partner to work alongside throughout this digital transformation process. The Ask team were extremely thorough with all aspects of the project, from the development of a complete full-funnel digital marketing strategy to project managing the UX design, development of the website and critical Martech requirements, making sure all key milestones were met on time. Ask Marketing has been invaluable for myself and our team in setting up the critical foundations of our digital marketing function, ensuring we are now equipped for success and eager to action our marketing strategy!"

Hao Nguyen, Head of Content, The Nudge Group

Another telltale sign of a successful partnership 

Did you know? The Nudge Group and Ask Marketing are about to move into a brand new office together on Kent Street Sydney, just minutes from Barangaroo. The space has high ceilings, whitewashed floors and floor to ceiling windows. Both the Ask and Nudge Teams cannot wait to move in once lockdown restrictions are eased! 

Stephanie King

Stephanie brings campaign management and senior analytical capabilities to dissect multi-channel data, providing actionable marketing insights and driving optimal business performance.