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Learn and follow the 9 critical steps of a successful digital marketing strategy. Including expert tips, practical examples, checklists and blueprints.


Digital Marketing

The HUGE Difference a Digital Marketing Strategy Will Make to Your Sales Results

To effectively move a lead through the funnel, you need a digital marketing strategy that is heavily integrated with your Sales function!

Digital Marketing

How Many Marketing Leads Do You Need to Make Your Sales Targets? + FREE Calculator

In this article, we’re going to work backwards, based on your revenue and sales goals first, to then determine exactly how many leads you need to generate every month to hit your targets and achieve success in the new financial year.I’ll also share with you our FREE calculator that will help to make this process even easier!

Digital Marketing

5 Takeaways from a Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is like a roadmap, it outlines the plan, the content, the people, the resources, and the budget that will make up your strategy, effectively providing you with the What, Who, Where, When and Why of digital marketing for your business.

Digital Marketing

What Comes First in Digital Marketing: The People or The Plan?

It’s important to develop the right digital marketing strategy before deciding who you need to execute it. This way, you can hire the right people to do the right tasks using the right marketing tools every time.

Digital Marketing

10 Customer Touchpoints to Convert Prospects into Clients in Your Service Business

When building the ideal customer journey for your service business, it’s important to consider each customer touchpoint along the way, as once you understand each, you can optimise these interactions to increase your conversion rates and make more sales.

Digital Marketing

Does your Business have a Content Marketing Plan with The Exact Pieces of Content to Create? It should!

In this article we'll share the importance of creating an effective content marketing plan that will navigate your brand towards success – all empowered by your business’ bespoke digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

How a Digital Marketing Strategy can Increase Leads, Empower Conversions and Minimise Sales Costs for your Service Business

If your service business has a sales function, then you need a digital marketing strategy. Here’s why.

Digital Marketing

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy and Does Your Business Need One?

In this article, we’ll share the importance of a digital marketing strategy and the benefits your business can gain from having one.

Digital Marketing

Video: Biggest Startup Marketing Mistakes Guaranteed To Blow Your Budget

In this Spark Festival event, we discuss the critical factors and top marketing tips for startup founders to ensure they don't blow their budget and achieve a highly successful launch.

Digital Marketing

5 tips that every tech startup should know when it comes to Digital Marketing and Strategy

It has never been more important for Australia's future to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. The coming together of organisations like Ask Marketing and Hyper is just one example of this purpose in action. In light of this, we are often asked "what are your top tips for marketing when it comes to tech startups?"

Digital Marketing

Ask Marketing announces strategic partnership with Hyper to assist Hyper Founders with Go To Market Strategies

Ask Marketing is thrilled to announce that they have partnered with Hyper, a global technology incubator. Ask Marketing will further support Hyper founders across Australia & New Zealand by providing Go To Market strategies to aid in their pitch, fundraising efforts and successful market launch of their Startup or App.



Introducing our latest VMM partnership with Nucleus Wealth, a next generation investment fund and the trusted provider of innovative wealth services for everyday Australians. Learn more about Nucleus Wealth now.


News Release: Nearly Half of Australian SMEs Plan to Reduce Their In-House Marketing Function

As many organisations across Australia look ahead to challenging economic conditions, our recent research has found that traditional senior in-house and agency marketing roles are in jeopardy. And as businesses reflect on how to cut costs whilst continuing to market effectively, a new hybrid function is emerging: Virtual Marketing Management.

Digital Marketing

How To Increase Your Customer Conversion Rate Through Martech

Martech allows businesses to increase customer conversion rates, creating seamless, smarter strategies targeted for each phase of the marketing funnel - from brand awareness to conversion and back again. Download our free resource now to understand how and where Martech can be used within your customer funnel.


The New Age of SME Marketing Functions is Here

The impact of COVID-19 on the SME marketing structure has certainly been unprecedented in 2020. With pressure higher than ever on business leaders to execute on their deliverables, organisations are being forced to rethink their marketing function. Introducing the new age of marketing, Virtual Marketing Management - the new hybrid approach born for the current marketing environment and new world in which we are now operating in.

Digital Marketing

Virtual Leadership | Why this new approach leaves no room for error

In a recent blog we published for Trinity P3, Global Marketing Management Consultants, we discussed the missing link that typically occurs when outsourcing marketing leadership and how it is eliminated via the magic that is VMM.

Digital Marketing

The Search For A Unicorn Marketer Continues

In a recent blog we published for Trinity P3, Global Marketing Management Consultants, we discussed the common desire of CEOs and Business leaders; to find a unicorn marketer.

Digital Marketing

Your Ultimate Guide: Competitor Analysis Checklist & Matrix

Looking at your competitors in a valuable way is what's critical. Whether you’re a newcomer to the market, a long-standing industry leader or simply looking to revamp your current business, then ‘checking in’ with what your competitors are doing can be invaluable. So learn our guide to developing your own competitor analysis that actually works.

Social Media

Are you leveraging the power of Facebook Groups right now?

Facebook Groups have evolved considerably in the last few months, and are now acting as a trusted place of networking for business owners all around the world, collaborating and supporting each other. So how can you best leverage Facebook Groups to benefit your business? Read how in these 2 key ways.‍

Digital Marketing

How To: Best Segment Your Data for the NOW 

Even if your business is still quiet, there are things you can be doing to strengthen and nurture your current relationships, increase future lead generation and build greater brand awareness. And it all begins with your foundations: Your data. ‍This is how you can best utilise and segment your data for the NOW.

White Paper Release

Why Business Leaders are Turning to Virtual Marketing Management

Change isn’t coming. It’s already here.
This White Paper is not here to sell a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. This does not exist. Rather, we introduce the new hybrid approach,
Virtual Marketing Management.

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