As the powerful force that is social media continues to grow, brands are in a constant battle to find relevance amongst their competitions within increasingly saturated markets. We see more and more that brands are focusing their digital marketing efforts on getting a step ahead of their competitors. However, in doing so, many are losing their core story, personality and authenticity.  

Authenticity is the key ingredient for building a successful brand because loyal consumers are built through trust and genuine relationships. 

So why is it so important for this authenticity to be reflected within a brand’s social presence?

Here are 5 reasons brands must be authentic on social media:

Sets the tone

The phrase “make yourself at home” rings true here. By conveying honesty through your brands’ core values, it creates an inviting platform to draw in potential customers as well as holding onto your current loyal consumers.

Develops your brands’ personality

Social media as a whole is increasingly becoming more unauthentic. More and more so, consumers want to see realness, so delivering an accurate portrayal of your brand gives it a personality for consumers to grow a likeness for. This is the foundation blocks for building long-term customer relationships.

Helps you stay true to your brand

It’s easy to get consumed by the falsity that social media can often convey. By acting authenticity, your social media presence will be a constant reminder of the core values of your brand.

Builds trust

Just like any relationship, the relationships that consumers make on social media are built on trust and honesty. By being genuine and true, people will relate, growing to become your most loyal audience.

Builds a community

When you’re true to your brand and true to others on social media, you’re building a loyal community of those with similar values. Online communities are powerful, and this is where the magic of social media marketing has the potential to grow your brand exponentially.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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