Since launching in 2018, Ask Marketing has proudly grown into an exceptional strategy-based marketing business, providing senior marketing leadership to SMEs Australia-wide.

But, a lot has changed in the past 6 months and Ask Marketing is adapting along with it.

In light of the current “Great Resignation” trend and recruitment struggles across the Marketing industry, Ask Marketing have had a large number of clients reach out in desperate need for an internal marketing resource or team to execute their marketing strategy.

"We have seen more and more businesses struggle to find committed and effective marketing staff over the past 12 months. Job openings are there, but there is no one to fill them, and businesses are apprehensive about engaging with an agency,” said Alexandra King, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ask Marketing.

As most businesses know, there are significant costs and associated risks that come with engaging a Marketing Agency or hiring a full-time Marketing team.  

These options also demand the support of additional internal resources and management, all with too little certainty - and in today’s highly competitive environment, businesses need to know they are getting top talent to execute their strategy correctly, leading to a strong return on investment.

“It’s no secret. It is really hard for SMEs to find quality marketing talent in Australia right now. All of the talent is being absorbed by companies like Atlassian & Canva, leaving little to no hiring options, so this is why we have launched Hire An Ask Marketer,” said Stephanie King, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

Why “Hire An Ask Marketer” service?

Having developed Digital Marketing Strategies for some of Australia’s top startups, SMEs and leading global brands, the biggest challenge their clients faced was implementing the steps themselves due to a lack of capabilities, time, staff and resources.

The Hire An Ask Marketer service overcomes this completely.

The Ask Marketing team are adamant that their new offering will only further enhance the strategies they provide, whilst solving their clients’ problems.

“Developing powerful digital marketing strategies will always be at the core of our business. A digital strategy is the gateway to marketing success and the key to generating ongoing demand. Since our clients have shared with us their challenges for resourcing, we have developed this new service to support businesses beyond this strategy project; to execute the strategy for them, as well!” explained Ali.

“So, the answer to the #1 question we get asked: ‘can you execute our marketing for us?’ is now ‘Yes we can!’

“We always want to provide SMEs with the same level of senior marketing guidance as their corporate counterparts, for a fraction of the price. So this new model gives our clients the best of both worlds - a strategy and someone to just do it. Often that’s all our clients want… someone to just take care of their marketing so they don’t have to,” said Stephanie.

Watch this 1 minute video below where Ask Marketer Emily, interviews Ali and Stephanie on the new service arm.

Once completing a strategy project for a client, Ask Marketing had previously helped the client find internal full time staff members to execute the strategy. But now, with the Hire An Ask Marketer Service, businesses who undergo an Ask Marketing Strategy project will have the option to plug Ask Marketing into their business as their dedicated marketing team 1 or 2 days per week, who will effectively execute the marketing strategy under the guidance of the Ask Marketing team.

“More than anything, we are truly passionate about our clients succeeding. We get a kick out of their success! So, being able to be part of their marketing journey from strategy, to execution to results is going to be even more rewarding,” said Stephanie.

What is “Hire An Ask Marketer”?

From vetting, recruitment and training, to the management of deliverables and execution, Ask Marketing eliminates the stress in finding and managing your perfect marketing team.

Once a client conducts a strategy project, not only will clients have their own dedicated Ask Marketer on two set days per week, ongoing, but the Ask Marketer will also have the ongoing support, guidance, training and strategic alignment from the Ask Strategist team on a regular basis.

Plus, the Ask Marketing Strategist will undertake bi-monthly check-ins, directly with clients and the contracted Ask Marketer, to ensure continued success and alignment of the ongoing business priorities and the greater digital strategy.

How does “Hire An Ask Marketer” work?

1. You’ll complete an Ask Marketing strategy project with us, giving you a comprehensive plan to achieve exceptional marketing results.

2. Ask Marketing will provide you with an Ask Marketer, who is our employee, who will be your dedicated Marketing Team Member for 1 or 2 set days, every week, ongoing. A true extension of your team.

3. This person will be responsible for executing the foundational elements of your digital marketing strategy, working on the tactics that your digital strategy earmarked, where best to be done by an internal resource, including:

  • Content management
  • Organic social media management
  • Email marketing

4. Ask Marketing will manage this person directly, so that you don't have to. Your Ask Marketer will have the support, guidance, training and strategy alignment from our Strategist Team on a daily basis.

5. On your 1 or 2 set days per week, you will own the direct line of communication with your Ask Marketer as they work through their set deliverables as listed below, all managed by us.

6. They can also be a part of your team meetings on these days so that can truly integrate within your businesses team, and know what your top priorities are.

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