2023 is already going by so fast – and while that is a good sign, it’s also a time to wake up and act now – because, well, the job market is running out of quality marketers for you.

Ok, I didn’t mean to scare you. But it’s very true!

If you’re considering hiring an internal marketer (and we’re guessing like many others, you’ve been struggling with recruitment lately) – this article is for you.

Let me explain why.

We’re all still seeing professional labour shortage in the market, and the thing is, we don’t see this ending anytime soon. So, if you’re holding out hopes of finding that ideal internal marketer as an addition to your team…

It’s time to consider your other options.

In this article, I’m going to show you what the job market is like in regard to marketing professionals and explain what exactly this means for your hiring efforts when building your own marketing department.

But don’t worry – I’ll also share a solution to this challenge.

Let me ask you a question first:

When you think of the roles that are hardest to fill and retain right now, do you immediately think of IT and engineering?

Well, recent trends show that marketing, comms and sales roles are among the hardest to hire and retain.

Why is it hard to find a marketing professional today?

The recruitment difficulty rate in Australia today is at 69% – and this is for all industries.

However, marketing in particular is proving a real challenge.


Because of labour shortages, it is now more expensive to hire an internal marketer. According to the Australian Financial Review, the median annual base salary for entry-level marketing and comms talent has risen by 15% going into 2023!

This means, that if you do find an internal marketer who fits your role’s requirement and seems to match your culture, you also have to be willing to pay quite a bit too.

But wait, there’s more!

Of course, the process doesn’t end there. Think about this: once you’ve hired an internal marketer, your new hire will have to spend:

  • at least 1 month being onboarded
  • at least 2-3 months developing a digital strategy
  • and months after this executing all these plans

Then, you have to wait to see the results!

Does your business have all of this time and budget to spare?

These recent daunting trends in the labour market pose a threat to building your internal marketing team, including hiring an in-house marketing manager or CMO who can take care of all your marketing needs.

This leaves you little choice but to outsource your marketing function

Over the years, it has been seen time and time again that outsourcing some of your business functions can be beneficial to the business.
So much so that this has often become the go-to solution for organisations that are focused on keeping up with a volatile economy with rising wages and decreasing retention rates among today’s employees.

Given the nature of the labour market for marketing professionals, it seems only logical to outsource your marketing function and let external experts manage all your marketing needs.

Sounds easy, right? But one more thing – there is a major difference between outsourcing and finding a reliable marketing partner!

Finding a reliable marketing partner is a more agile, cost-effective solution

Let’s go back to the reason you are here: you’re looking to hire a full-time, internal marketing professional, right?

This means you’re not looking for a freelancer who can do one-off tasks and leave you to complete the rest. What you’re looking for is a long-term, trusted marketing partner who can strategise, execute and stay long enough to be accountable for the results of your marketing efforts.

This is where Ask Marketing comes in.

To achieve ongoing marketing success, you need someone with overall strategy AND execution in mind (and the expertise to back it all up).

You need someone who won’t take months and high wages to work towards your desired results. Well, with Ask Marketing’s “Hire An Ask Marketer” delivery solution, you can:

  • skip the frustrating recruitment process altogether
  • save budget on headcount
  • tap into the expertise of experienced marketer
  • have an efficient way to fulfil your business’ marketing function

So, if you’re still struggling to hire an internal marketer, this is your wake-up call. A sign if you must. A better solution exists for you – are you ready to give it a chance?

Do you need help with all your business’ marketing functions?

All you have to do is Ask!

At Ask Digital Marketing, we combine decisive digital strategy and managed marketing execution to help B2B service-based businesses build demand, establish thought leadership and own their industry through digital business marketing.

Stop waiting. Start building. Experience success.

Just get in touch with us and we can discuss your business to help you navigate the digital marketing landscape towards success.

Let’s harness the power of digital marketing today!

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Ali has a proven track record of aligning with commercial business objectives and translating research into key insights that result in exceptional marketing strategies, online user experiences and positive financial results.