Let’s face it, when you’re trying to grow your start-up with limited resources, it can be hugely challenging to know where to best spend your marketing budget to get the biggest ‘bang for buck’. And if you’re focused on building your business from the ground up, it's so easy for founders to feel a little lost with where to begin with their marketing.

In this Spark Festival event, we discuss the critical factors and top marketing tips for startup founders to ensure they don't blow their budget and achieve a highly successful launch.

We explain: 

  • 3 most important things a founder should focus on for their marketing
  • What founders can do themselves to save on costs
  • How to best leverage the power of social media marketing for startups
  • What’s the first role a startup should hire for in their marketing team

We also answer some great listener questions about TikTok, video content, pre-launch vs launch marketing and building a marketing resourcing.

Watch the Video here.

Listen to the Podcast here.


Stephanie King

Stephanie brings campaign management and senior analytical capabilities to dissect multi-channel data, providing actionable marketing insights and driving optimal business performance.