Sydney, Australia, 24th May 2021, Ask Marketing is thrilled to announce that they have partnered with Hyper, a global technology incubator. Ask Marketing will further support Hyper founders across Australia & New Zealand by providing Go To Market strategies to aid in their pitch, fundraising efforts and successful market launch of their Startup or App.

Tom West and Sasha Reid are the CEO’s and Co-Founders of Hyper. Tom heads up the team in the UK and Sasha in Australia. Hyper was founded six years ago, now their client portfolio is valued at $400 million with offices spanning from Sydney and Melbourne to London. They have helped over 550 founders launch their idea and  in the last two years they have raised more than $52 million in capital.  Hyper is the home to some of Australia’s greatest tech start up stories such as Shebah, Splend, Kubo, Ride, and SocialBase. Hyper’s client portfolio is valued at $400 million. Hyper has a wonderful eco system of notable partners such as Amazon, AirWallex, Cake Equity and LUNA.

The Hyper Accelerator Program helps founders to workshop their idea, test their solution, design a brand, create a proof of concept, build the perfect teaser pitch and fund the product, monetise their business and then build and run the company.

Sam Cust, Director, Hyper states: We are very excited for our Hyper Founders to have access to the incredibly skilled team at Ask Marketing. Marketing strategy can be the difference between a successful Start Up and a failed one - especially in the app world where there are almost 1000 new apps added to the app store every day! Hyper is setting the strong foundation for a founders’ success early on in partnering with Ask, which will enable them to safely launch their go-to-market mission to achieve sustained success and potential virality. Together, it’s a winning combination.”

Ask Marketing are leaders in digital marketing and digital marketing education in Australia. Headquartered on Kent Street Sydney, Ask Marketing build exemplary marketing functions through a focus on digital strategy, tools & people. The Ask Marketing team have created over 150 Digital Marketing Strategies for businesses within the tech space.

Alexandra King from Ask Marketing adds: “I am really proud of our strategic partnership with Hyper. There is a very clear synergy and a natural fit between our businesses. We both act as the secret weapon for founders. The core purpose of Ask always has, and always will be about instilling the value back into business via digital marketing strategy, education and people. Together with Hyper, we are now able to set new tech companies up for success from the outset so that they are able to seek funding and then go to market with their product in a successful way.” 
Stephanie King says: “We were already working with a Hyper founder on his Go To Market strategy, and realised that there was huge potential for us to offer our services to all of their founders to further support the Hyper accelerator program. Both of our companies are ultimately about setting up  businesses for success in the market. Both Hyper and Ask have been members of the Club of United Business, both scaling our business offerings via their tremendous network of business leaders.”

Hyper’s mission is to empower every idea so that it has the best possible chance of success, regardless of the founder’s experience, background, network or capabilities. The Hyper Accelerate Program uses the experience of the Hyper team to offer founders the most efficient pathway to start a tech based business. 

Sam Cust, Director, Hyper concludes: “The StartUp Industry is in an exciting time, where we are seeing the dawn of the entrepreneur. We’re seeing more Aussies have a go at starting their own business. It’s never been more important for Australia's future to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. The coming together of organisations who believe in this future such as Hyper and Ask is a positive sign that such purpose is in action.”

You can read the full article and top startup tips from Ask Marketing and Hyper here:

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