We are seeing the true dawn of the entrepreneur with more Aussies starting their own business than ever before. It has never been more important for Australia's future to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. The coming together of organisations like Ask Marketing and Hyper is just one example of this purpose in action.

In light of this, we are often asked "what are your top tips for marketing when it comes to tech startups?"

Below are our top 5 tips that we would advise any startup or scale up.

1. Know your customer personas and tailor your value proposition to each of them. Once you know who they are, focus on your top 2-3 personas. You can’t be everything to everybody, so don’t try to be. 

2. Invest in a digital strategy first and foremost. Strategy comes first. Without a strategy you are directionless and won’t have a clear pathway to achieving your goals or tracking your success. The tools and the most suitable people to execute it will come second, shaped by the strategy itself. The actual execution of the strategy may come in the form of an in-house part-time junior marketer, a marketing agency, a family member or friend with perhaps some marketing experience, or even a combination of these options. 

3. Budget for Content. Content and storytelling forms the backbone of all digital marketing strategies and will be a key factor in building your community. Plan a good rotation of content types too - this can be in the form of static imagery, video, audio or written long form content - choose types that are most relevant to your brand and product. 

4. Thrive on testing and data. By propelling your startup into the market via digital marketing channels & tactics recommended in your strategy, you will need to experiment to find what works and what doesn’t work.

5. Product marketing and digital marketing need to work together and not in separate silos. When launching a new product, digital marketers will need to work in synergy with the product team to ensure marketing conversion points (be it a sign up or an app download) and user experience are optimised. Marketing will always act to drive relevant users towards your product, but ensuring they have a seamless & simple sign up or purchase experience is just as important.

Hyper Founder and CEO Sasha Reid talks about the Ask Marketing partnership on Startup Daily TV.

You can read more about these tips and the partnership in the press here

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