Social media is a forever evolving form of digital communication and has changed drastically from the medium it was just a few years ago.

When businesses first started using social media to promote their brand, there was less content, less algorithm impact, and people were willing to click on almost everything they saw on their news feed.

The recent change we are seeing, is that social media has evolved from a channel that speaks ‘one-to-many’ to now facilitating one-to-one communication. 

Using social media as a conversation starter will allow you to connect with potential customers and stay relevant and top of mind for your existing ones.

The value of speaking one-to-one can become your most valuable tool.

Why is social media becoming an engagement focused tool?
Content overload

There is now an ocean of information available to consumers, of which users cannot fully consume. Brands like yours are finding it harder to convert audiences simply with a beautiful image on Instagram or useful post on Facebook. The event of this being that the higher the volume of content published on social media, the more organic reach will naturally fall as each post becomes less and less likely to be seen.

Direct messaging

We have chatbots and other social messaging platforms to thank for this. You might be shocked, that this originally mass reach communication channel is now evolving (backwards in a sense) toward a one-to-one, two-way communication channel where customers can directly speaking with a brand. Whether you organically reach your customer, or they reach you, communities are using it as a customer service tool, to get immediate responses when they need it. This is not necessarily a negative result. There are certainly benefits of helping customers this way on social media, with Sprout Social finding that being responsive prompts customers to purchase while ignoring customers reduces brand loyalty.

Algorithms prioritise engagement

To be seen or heard organically on any social channel you must create content that engages your target audience. If many people engage with your post, algorithms will deem it as being interesting, relevant and useful and will, therefore, show it to more people. The bottom line is, the better your content, the more positive interactions that will result and the more people will see it.

There is no escaping social media and its ongoing changes, but together, we can share knowledge and stay up to date with the best ways to utilise it. It is an invaluable marketing tool that all businesses must optimise to compete in this dynamic and digitally advanced market.

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