The Situation

GoFigr, an Australian startup, emerged from the well-established Antler program with a vision to revolutionise how mid-sized organisations approach workforce development. Their approach aligns employees' skills and aspirations with internal opportunities to foster an internal marketplace of development, upskilling and retention.

Formerly known as "Flow of Work," GoFigr sought Ask Marketing's expertise to refine its strategy, establish a revised and robust brand, and pave the way for expansion into the U.S. market ahead of a milestone goal to secure a round of series A funding in 2024.

The Objective

The primary goal was to initiate brand marketing activities with a clear strategy-led plan in place. The key performance indicators (KPIs) that were established focused on metrics such as:

  • website visitor growth
  • demo bookings
  • LinkedIn connections
  • lead generation
  • user acquisition

There were also a variety of qualitative objectives which included:

  • implementing seamless internal processes
  • quality content creation
  • assisting U.S. market expansion
  • a comprehensive rebranding project.

Our Ask Marketing Solution

Step 1 | Weeks 1-4 | Strategy Project

This has become the bible/master resource for the marketing function of the business: outlining the who, what, where, why and how of marketing.

To inform our go-to-market strategy we undertook two qualitative projects including:

  1. Competitor analysis matrix: allowing GoFigr to differentiate itself in the market by assessing competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  2. Client interviews: providing valuable qualitative insights and informing the development of a brand marketing roadmap aligned with GoFigr's objectives.

On that note, when was the last time you attained qualitative insights like this to help inform your strategy?

The strategy project we conducted laid the foundations by covering:

  • a marketing roadmap developed in alignment with a deep understanding of core commercial outcomes
  • qualitative and quantitative goals to keep everyone on track
  • a content framework to outline all content requirements to fuel the digital marketing machine
  • a resourcing plan to outline who will what of the ongoing marketing activity - incl. external partners for specialist requirements
  • marketing technology requirements - the tools and platforms required to execute the strategy
  • website conversion points and their hierarchy - to inform any website optimisation requirements

Step 2 | Weeks 5 onward | Ongoing Execution

The first thing we did with the Flow of Work startup was transform it into GoFigr.

This was successfully done with expert message marketing agency, Melotti Media, who workshopped the new name with the team.

This was then followed by the design of:

  • a new logo
  • brand elements
  • brand messaging
  • website redevelopment

Once the new brand website was up and running, we acted as a fully managed marketing team for GoFigr each month, responsible for:

  • strategic direction
  • thought leadership topics, the backbone of all content each month 
  • organic social media activity
  • marketing-related administration
  • email marketing across marketing and sales
  • content ideation, management and distribution
  • project management to support any external marketing partners like brand and website development agencies

The Results

The strategic collaboration with Ask Marketing means the GoFigr team is now poised for growth and prepared to tap into the U.S. market.

Specifically, the collaboration resulted in three key wins for GoFigr:

  1. Rebranding Success: The transition from Flow of Work to GoFigr was seamless, supported by a new logo, brand elements, and messaging.

  2. Internal Marketing Machine: Ask Marketing established a well-documented monthly process, covering thought leadership, content creation, distribution, award submissions, lead processes, outbound marketing, email campaigns, and comprehensive reporting.
  3. Fully-Integrated Marketing Function: GoFigr's marketing function is now fully operational, integrated within the internal team, and documented. They are now also ready to transition to a full-time internal Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

The GoFigr experience is the ultimate case example of why the plan comes first and the people come second. In this case, the team understood the value of investing in a full-time internal resource based in the US market.

Has this case study inspired you?

At Ask Marketing, we are proud to have set up the marketing function to allow the business to reach new heights.

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