We’re bridging the gap between your marketing strategy and your marketing implementation so that you can hit the ground running in 2024.

When it comes to building a valued presence in the market, momentum is everything.

So what if there was a way to get ahead of the curve and begin implementing your marketing strategy the exact same day that it’s finalised…

Enter Ask Marketing and Melotti Media’s new marketing lovechild: Momentum Marketing

So, what is the Marketing Momentum service?

Marketing is only as effective as the strategy that drives it. 

In the same way, a marketing strategy is only worthwhile if it's implemented correctly.

With these core components of your business so interconnected it only makes sense to launch them in unison, right?

Well, as award-winning teams at Ask Marketing and Melotti Media, we do just that. In fact, we have been helping clients in partnership for years now.

We offer your first month of content directly alongside your initial marketing strategy so that you don’t have to wait to see your new strategy bear fruit.

It’s all about developing a perfect unity between your strategy and your content from the outset and generating results, ASAP!

Essentially, as our team at Ask Marketing uses its strategic marketing expertise to get your business and your brand facing in the right direction, the team at Melotti Media will apply their Content Copywriting simultaneously to get you moving in the right direction right off the bat.

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Why Momentum Marketing?

Your competitors may have a great marketing strategy in place… but most of them leave it to gather dust while they spend precious time brainstorming about how to use it.

Not you.

While your competition continues to plot its first marketing move for 2024, you’ll be spending that time preparing moves two, three and four without the added time pressure. All the while your first stages of marketing implementation are working away in the background.

It’s all about the business benefits.

So, how do you and your business really benefit from our Marketing Momentum Services?

Here’s how it works.

#1 Ask Marketing

Marketing Strategy Development

First, we take the time to meet with you to understand your unique goals and gain clarity around the demand you want to create from the clients you want to attract. Then, we collaborate with you to craft a comprehensive digital business marketing strategy that matches these aspirations. It’s not just our strategic expertise that delivers success – it’s our ongoing dedication, passion and commitment to your needs throughout the entire process.

#2 Melotti Media

Content Marketing Creation

Ok, so the Ask Marketing team has used their expertise to craft a compelling marketing strategy for your business. Great! With their guidance, we’ve already begun crafting your marketing material. As content Marketing Copywriters who understand the strategic development process, we create purpose-driven messages and engaging marketing content that matches your strategic goals and target audience. Not only that, but we’ll develop your initial marketing output alongside Ask Marketing’s efforts in real-time to ensure you hit the ground running the moment your strategy is finalised.

But the marketing momentum doesn’t end there.

The best part about our Marketing Momentum services is that our collaboration has only just started - we’ll remain by your side on your journey to marketing success.

Once we’ve nailed your marketing strategy and have got the ball rolling, it’s time to carry that momentum forward. As your strategic partners in all things marketing and branding, we’ll walk you through each next step to ensure a synchronised roll-out of your marketing strategy.

Two marketing brains are better than one - and together, we will help you become the stand-out business and brand that you know you can be.

But don’t just take it from us…

Are you eager to hit the ground running with marketing strategy and immediate implementation in 2024?

Great! In the spirit of momentum, book a no-obligation discovery call with the team here and let’s get your marketing strategy and implementation sorted – on the double!

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