For brands, posting on Facebook and Instagram regularly just simply isn’t enough anymore. And creating generic Facebook ads to drive more website traffic and resultant conversions is no longer getting the expected results. Why? Because the world of advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more competitive as businesses globally spend more and more to market their products on this giant social platform. So what does this mean for your business?

The key is creating optimised Facebook Ads, targeted at the right audience to help you to spend your Pay per Click budget wisely and see a positive ROI.

So, what do optimised Facebook ads actually look like? And how can you use Facebook’s best practices to shape your own ads?

We’ve put together some of our clients’ best performing social campaign creatives from the last month to inspire and instil knowledge for your own campaign creative briefing.

But first….

Facebook’s 4 Best Practice Guidelines

When creating any campaign creative, strip it back and make sure you’re hitting these 4 key criteria:

1. It’s visual - This is a no brainer. The more visually engaging your ad, the more likelihood of people stopping and taking notice, sharing with their friends and most importantly, remembering your brand.  

2. It’s relevant - Remember, you are spending money when someone views or clicks on your ad. So the more relevant your ad creative, ad copy, and destination page is to your audience, the higher your score is -- and the more favourably Facebook will treat your ads.

3. It includes an enticing value proposition - Why should the viewer take action on your ad? How is your product or service different from any other? Make the offer enticing and make it believable.

4. It has a clear call to action - Ensure the viewer knows what you want them to do next and select a CTA that’s relevant to your ad. Keep in mind, the most effective buttons on Facebook right now are ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Learn More’.

Our Best Performing Ad Examples from Last Month

Best performing Video Ad

Industry: Professional Services

Campaign Objective: Lead Generation - drove a 200% uplift from previous performance period

Best Performing Animation

Industry: Beauty

Campaign Objective: Brand Awareness - 70% increase in CTR compared to previous performance period

Best Performing Boosted Blog

Industry: Health & Fitness

Campaign Objective: Brand Awareness - drove a 25% increase in CTR compared to previous performance period

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