Does your business need to develop a digital strategy, to amplify your brand and deliver on aggressive sales targets? If you've ever searched for help in this space, you would be familiar with the huge number of digital agencies who can manage it for you. 

Until now. Have you heard of a Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM)?

VMM’s believe in adding the value BACK into your business; working with your team to develop the skills and tools required for day-to-day execution.

So, if you ever want to bring all the marketing in-house, or sell the business,  it is all set up for you.

Partnering with a VMM gives you access to a network of specialists, from photographers to UX designers, to PR and SEO specialists. 

You can learn more about the differences between outsourcing and virtual marketing management here -

Read about how these organisations have accelerated their results by partnering with a Virtual Marketing Manager.

Alan Wong, CEO Clover Investments said:

“Partnering with the ask VMMs across multiple brands within our portfolio has proven to be a highly efficient and effective way of working.
Each business has grown within its respective market due to the dedication, drive and performance-focused methods that the ask team have implemented.”

Matt Wong, General Manager Kuro Sydney said:

 “Our partnership with the ask VMM’s, who work alongside our internal marketing executive has been seamless. Their proactive processes, excellent communication and training has ensured we are always on the front foot. We are thrilled at the position that the ask team have put us in for launch - with the ultimate objective remaining at the forefront of their minds in all marketing activities: to make a big impact within the highly competitive Sydney hospitality scene.” 

Robert Dukes, Director of RD Vis said:

“Working with ask Marketing is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. They have taken the time to understand the in’s and out’s of our organisation and it has allowed me to get more in touch with where we are and where we need to go. All I can say is, I wish I had commenced our partnership sooner."

With 11 years of combined experience managing the marketing functions for global companies and local Australian SME’s, we know what works. And we bring this invaluable knowledge and skill set to every client we partner with.   

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At Ask Digital Marketing, we combine decisive digital strategy and managed marketing execution to help B2B service-based businesses build demand, establish thought leadership and own their industry through digital business marketing.

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Alexandra King

Ali has a proven track record of aligning with commercial business objectives and translating research into key insights that result in exceptional marketing strategies, online user experiences and positive financial results.