Are you looking to hire a Marketing Manager to elevate your brand presence and grow your sales?

With the average salary of a Marketing Manager in Australia in 2020 sitting at $97,000, have you ever thought about partnering with a Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM) instead - a significantly more cost-effective option?

Read about how these businesses have reaped success by partnering with a Virtual Marketing Manager. 


  • Business name: Kuro Bar & Dining, Sydney
  • Industry: Hospitality (fine dining)
  • Goals: Drive 200 email subscribers for launch and 10% website conversion rate.
  • Results: outperforms lead generation target by 300% and delivers a 16% website conversion rate (restaurant bookings).

Hear from the client:

Matt Wong, GM of Kuro Sydney

“Our partnership with the ask VMM’s, who work alongside our internal marketing executive has been seamless. Their proactive processes, excellent communication and training has ensured we are always on the front foot."


  • Business name: The Parlour Room, Sydney 
  • Industry: Beauty 
  • Goals: Develop email marketing programs (campaign and automated) and Facebook ad strategy, delivering an increase in total sales revenue.  
  • Results: email targets outperformed by 76%, AOV by 18% and total sales by 120%

Hear from the client:

 Natalie Papadopoulos, Founder of The Parlour Room

“From driving increased revenue to driving repeat customers, the ask VMM's have over-delivered on all the objectives they set out to achieve. They combine performance data, technology and strategic thinking with my knowledge of the industry. I highly recommend partnering with an ask VMM. It will be one of the best business decisions you will make.” 


  • Business name: CobbleWorks, Sydney
  • Industry: Office co-working 
  • Goals: to re-launch Sydney’s newest boutique co-working space to market, including new website development project and digital marketing launch strategy.
  • Results: increased website traffic by 700% and office space has filled to 95% capacity.

Hear from the client:

Matt Wong, GM of CobbleWorks

“Their insight into competitors, digital marketing tactics and recommended strategies, meant that our brand was pushed out to the right people, in the right place and at the right time. Since engaging with the ask team, our co-working space has filled to almost full capacity and we are continuing to receive significant volumes of traffic and incoming leads.”  

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This is how we will work with you

  • As your Virtual Marketing Manager (or VMM), we act as a strategic partner across your entire marketing function
  • For up to 80% less than an in-house Marketing Manager, we act as an extension of your business, leveraging your internal capacity to deliver targeted marketing results 
  • We are experienced in developing the most effective and efficient ways to structure your marketing team
  • You'll have access to our network of industry specialists, from photographers and UX designers to PR leaders 

The greatest value we add

With 11 years of combined experience managing the marketing functions for global companies and local Australian SME’s, we know what works. And we bring this invaluable knowledge and skillset to every client we partner with.   

We believe in adding the value BACK into your business. We work with your team to develop the skills and tools required for day-to-day execution, so when you're ready to bring all the marketing in-house, it’s all set up for you.

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Alexandra King

Ali has a proven track record of aligning with commercial business objectives and translating research into key insights that result in exceptional marketing strategies, online user experiences and positive financial results.